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题目:How Does Mathematics Save Honeybees?




摘要:The honeybee, Apis mellifera, is not only crucial in maintaining biodiversity by pollinating 85% plant species but also is the most economically valuable pollinator of agricultural crops worldwide with value between $15 and $20 billion annually as commercial pollinators in the U.S. Unfortunately, the recent sharp declines in honeybee population have been considered a global crisis. In this talk, we will demonstrate how we develop different types of mathematical trackable models to explore how the crucial feedback mechanisms linking disease, parasitism, nutrition and foraging behavior might be responsible for the colony growth dynamics and survival in a dynamical environment. Rigorous mathematics from those models that use nonlinear nonautonomous and/or delayed differential equations within metapopulation frameworks have been integrated with data to explore the contributing factors to the mysterious and dramatic loss of honeybees as well as provide a basis for new strategies for controlling Varroa and reducing colony losses for beekeepers, and benefit land managers.


Dr. Yun Kang is a full professor in Applied Mathematics of Arizona State University (ASU). Dr. Kang joined as an assistant professor in 2008, immediately after completing her doctorate in mathematics from ASU. Dr. Kang established well-funded research programs (more than two millions USD through varied funding agencies including NSF, USDA, DOD, NSA, James McDonnel Foundations) in the area of Mathematical Biology with more than 100 articles published in high profile journals. She cultivated and launched ASU’s new Undergraduate Program in Applied Mathematics; mentored numerous graduate and undergraduate students (many of whom are underrepresented and minorities); and piloted summer programs (e.g., MTBI) to increase minority engagement. Dr. Kang served as the director of the Levin Center from 2016-2019, and has been actively involved in encouraging women and girls to study and to have active careers in the mathematical sciences. Currently, she serves as American Mathematical Society (AMS) Representative to the Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences. Dr. Kang also serves as the treasure and the board of directors of International Society of Difference Equations.

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